Online Workshop Lightroom/Photoshop


Always wondered how I edit my photos in Lightroom and Photoshop? The online Photoshop & Lightroom workshop is also available in English!

Learn how to create a warm and fairytale like style, make your subject stand out more and last but not least, learn how to work more efficient and quicker! I first will show you my whole workflow, after that we will edit a photo of you together. I will also share very nice tips & tricks in Lightroom for organising your photos.


Reviews workshop

Esther S.

Online Photoshop workshop


Due to an action that Mandy set up together with colleague photographer Emma, ​​I was the lucky winner of a workshop. I had a private online Photoshop workshop from Mandy. Mandy explains all steps very clearly and has plenty of time to answer questions. When I ran into something a few days after the workshop, she made a short tutorial about this for me. In response to I also got a number of actions from her. If I want to know more about post-editing, I absolutely know where to go. I really recommend Mandy's courses! Mandy, thanks again!

Hamid S.

Online Photoshop workshop

I am from Iran and I have been following Mandy for a long time. I was happy when she offered the online Photoshop workshop, so I followed it right away. She is super patient. I asked a lot of questions and they answered all of them well. The power went out during the Photoshop workshop! When the problem was resolved I asked her to start over and was surprised that she wanted to do that. That's so nice! I hope I will be able to work with her again soon.