M A N D Y   R O E T I N G

Professional pet photographer

Hi! My name is Mandy Roeting.
From a young age, I have been passionate about animals and photography. I received my first camera at the age 10 from my parents, and through the years it became my greatest passion.
Taking photos gives me an indescribable feeling of joy.

Reviews photo shoots

Roos C.


The photo shoot with Mandy was a real party! She gave good tips on how to pose and knew exactly how we are. In addition, the photo package was also a gift to unwrap! I'm very satisfied!

Wendy W.


2020 - Model workshop


I was allowed to model during a workshop of Mandy. Now I can't judge the workshop itself, but I can judge how I experienced being a model. I think Mandy is very professional and friendly yet also very clear of what she wants to see for the perfect picture! Now it was of course mainly about the participant of the workshop and not about me, but I actually didn't feel any of it! My horse and I were taken care of and together with the workshop participant and me she went through what the plan for that evening would be. She gave clear instructions on how best I or my horse could stand, without you having the idea that you are running a protocol of poses. We enjoyed the shoot anyway and the results are amazing! I am so happy with it and actually get nothing but compliments in the photos! I can really recommend Mandy to everyone !!

Kaylee D.


2020 - Model phototrip NL


Mandy takes super nice pictures and has a good eye for detail. She is also nice to deal with. Very professional but also in for a joke. I really enjoyed being able to model for her a few times. She gives good tips and is very friendly. In short, highly recommended!

Mathilde N.




One of the best photographers I have hired so far - very friendly, patient with the horses, watchful of the details. Happy to guide and help out. And make stunning photos every time! My favorite pictures are amongst the ones you took Mandy, thank you!

Anthea van H.


2019 - Phototrip Belgium


From the beginning, I loved Mandy's photos. I was super happy when I saw that she organized a photo tour in Belgium. On a warm summer evening she visited my two horses and the results are amazing. The portrait and action photos are beautiful, but I especially love the photos that show me and my horses. I've always found this quite uncomfortable, but with Mandy's good instructions, these photos turned out fantastic too. Very grateful for all the photos I have received!



Felicia K.


2017 - Fotodag Vlaardingen

When we bought our tinker mare in August 2017, I wanted to have a photoshoot with her ... the bond we already had because she had chosen us as owner had to emerge in the photos! After some searching for the right photographer I ended up with Mandy Roeting photography and wow what a wonderful first photo shoot we had! Everything was right in the pictures and the bond between us was evident! Thank you very much for this, I am still very happy with the photos!