10 Equine Photography Lightroom & Photoshop Presets


These Lightroom presets are perfectly designed for equine photography. All 10 presets are working in different lightning situations used in equine photography, such as cloudy weather, sunset, a sunny day or just backlight. All presets have their own purpose during the editing process. Another important thing is, they keep the horse its colors as natural as possible.

Including are 20 .xmp files and 20 .DNG files (for older versions of Lightroom and Photoshop)

All presets come with a version with and without a vignette.

Number 1. A basic preset which works on almost every photo. 

Number 2. A slightly warmer preset. Works great on cold photos.

Number 3 to 7 all have different ways to bring out the best in your photos. They work in most lighting situations.

Number 8. A preset which can take out haze on a sunset photo. It may look very dramatic in other kinds of photos.

Number 9 and 10. More creative presets. Number 10 turns green tones into orange.

Directly downloadable.